The Square Dance - New England Calendar

Links to the Monthly dance schedules and meeting dates of CO-OP, EDSARDA, NECCA, and NECORTA.

Combined Monthly Dance Schedules for MVSDA, NSSARDA, RIFSRDC, WACA, WMSARDA, SEMCA, Mill-A-Round, Bay Path Barn, Maine Clubs, Square Dance Association of Portland Maine, weekends, camp & dance, and others.

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Separate Monthly Dance Schedules for Assocations/Federations/Others:

SEMCA VAWSSDC SDA Portland ME Maine Clubs   Bay Path Barn
New England Square Dance Getaways

Meeting dates of CO-OP, EDSARDA, NECCA, NECORTA, and SDFNE:

January   EDSARDA
    NECORTA (optional)
February   SDFNE Hall Of Fame Award Application Deadline
March   CO-OP
April   NECORTA Annual Meeting
    SDFNE Convention Trail-Out Dance
May   EDSARDA Annual Meeting
    SDFNE Annual Meeting 2-4PM Rm 2009
June   CO-OP
    NECCA Annual Meeting
    SDFNE Local Legend Award Application Deadline
September   NECORTA Clinic 2015
    NECCA Clinic
October   EDSARDA
November   NECORTA


W elcome to Square Dance - New England. The organizations that work together to provide square dancing in the New England area are explained below. To learn more about each organization, click a Menu button above or the associated buttons shown below.


June 27-30, 2017 - 65th National Square Dance Convention (See in Des Moines, IO.

April 27-30, 2018 - 59th New England Square & Round Dance Convention (See in Warwick, RI.

Square Dance Promotional Materials - Get Great Door Prizes that Advertise Square Dancing - Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, License Plate Covers, Decals, Brochures - See WORD DOC

Club/Guest Caller-Cuer Contract: MS Word 97 DOC file

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CO-OP The New England Square and Round Dance CO-OPerative Committee provides the link between representatives of (1) the dancers via EDSARDA, (2) the callers via NECCA, and (3) the cuers via NECORTA.
EDSARDA The Eastern District Square and Round Dance Association represents the dancers, the clubs, and the associations/federations.
NECCA The New England Council of Callers Association represents the callers and the callers associations.
NECORTA The New England Council of Round Dance Teachers Association represents the cuers and the cuer associations.
NESRDC The New England Square and Round Dance Convention is an annual event hosted by a Committee of volunteers.
SDFNE The Square Dance Foundation of New England collects and maintains historical items, etc.